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          Latest News



          The United States revised the "Regulations on Certificate of Compliance Requirements"

          On December 11, 2023, the United States issued a circular to revise the Regulations on the Requirements of Compliance Certificates.This revision will ensure that the certificate of compliance rules are consistent with other rules of the Consumer Product S



          IFT Approves the Annual Frecuency Bands Program 2024

          The PABF (Annual program for the use and exploitation of frequency bands) 2024 includes the frequency bands of the radio spectrum that will be subject to bidding or direct assignment processes.It also contemplates the inclusion of 13 frequencies for the A



          Security testing of WiFi CPE and IP Router under MTCTE!

          On June 12, 2023, the Indian Telecommunication Engineering Centre issued notification No. 1-6/2022-TC/TEC, which is about Security testing of WiFi CPE and IP Router under MTCTEExtension of mandatory Security testing of WiFi CPE and IP Router under MTCTEIn